I’m looking around and different therapists’ fees vary, why is this?

Therapists’ fees vary a great deal depending on the therapist’s training, qualifications and years of experience.

All the Maple practitioners are Chartered Psychologists which means that they have doctoral level training in a range of psychological therapies and experience with a wide range of presenting difficulties.

Our training has lasted a minimum of seven years and most of our psychologists have trained for even longer. We receive consultation about our work from national and international experts in order to ensure that the therapy we offer is of the highest standard.

Other practitioners such as counsellors and/or psychotherapists most often do not have doctoral qualifications and their training might vary from months to years.

They also tend to be trained in one specific therapeutic approach, which means that they are less versatile in offering the most effective and suitable form of psychological therapy to address the client’s needs.

For this reason, counsellors and psychotherapists tend to charge less for their services.