The First Appointment

The first appointment is an opportunity for one of the psychologists to hear about the reasons for coming to therapy and to discuss what your expectations are.

This first appointment does not commit you to attend on a regular basis.  Many people are unsure about therapy and therefore the initial appointment can help with the decision about starting therapy.

What will I talk about?

Typically, you will be asked about various parts of you life so that the psychologist can better able to understand the problems.  You don’t have to answer all the questions and it is likely that certain aspects may be talked about in more depth later in therapy.

Will I feel different after the first session?

By the end of the initial appointment, the psychologist with share with you what their understanding is of your problems and will explain which therapeutic approach they think may be helpful and why.  The duration and frequency of the appointments will also be discussed.

Will I have to fill out questionnaires or complete tests?

Sometimes, questionnaires are used to help with the process and to also measure the progress of therapy.  We aim to provide effective therapy and questionnaires can help to check if changes are occurring.

Will I have to lie on a couch?

No. You will not be expected to lie on a couch.  We prefer to use comfortable chairs and ask questions in order to begin to understand you and your difficulties.

Will the therapist be silent?

The therapeutic approaches we think are effective means that we hope to form a collaborative relationship with you.  This means that, to a large extent, the exchange resembles that of a typical conversation with the psychologist asking questions and sharing their ideas and thoughts.